Dreams From My Father

Barack Obama is the rock star of political leaders, with all the appropriate qualifications, yet from a broken family of racial binary and practically abandoned by the father. How this kid managed to overcome the ghosts of questions that floated constantly like the thick fog of deep winter and cleverly maneuvered the very same ghosts to ride to the pinnacle of power, earning another distinctive hallmark as the ghost rider he has been!

Was it his education, his mother’s kind disposition which he inherited, Michelle’s judgment or his love and respect for everything and everyone, or the tension hanging in the air and the epoch of black power waiting to happen, it may be one or many or all of them that made Barack what he is!

Don’t you want to ride out the same ghosts to glory?
Don’t you want to uncover the mystery behind the phenomenon of Barack Obama?

Barack himself has made the sincere struggle, with all the associated hopes, doubts and encouragements, to help to bring his story to you and now it is you who have to help yourself! It’s a smooth running read of philosophical and psychological self enquiry of the popular variety, hence the narrative itself grips and leads ! There are a few occasions when he grapples with doubts so strong that the sentences show the inner struggle and deep conflict.  Don’t miss Obama, grab the opportunity to get to know the friend, more than the leader.