Our Pick Up Line : Startup the Desi Way

All of us have been stung by the entrepreneurial bug at some or the other point in our life. But, not many of us had the courage to take the plunge. Desipreneur is that book that we all have been looking for to take the plunge with clarity. This not a book that promises to make you an entrepreneur but a book that will make you think whether you have done right homework to take up the entrepreneurial journey.

Author of this book, Santhosh – Founder Kolapasi – Chain of Restaurants,  is known for his uncanny wisdom and business acumen in the start up world. This book is a compilation of all the questions that he has been bombarded with by the aspiring entrepreneurs. It is definitely a great start for all the novices who want to venture out into the business world with a great foundation.

The lucid style of the book makes it a very light read without baffling the reader with jargons. A small but powerful nuggets of truth are shared through the visuals that are as delightful as the book. To conclude, the insights in this book are not the ones taught at the business schools. So, all the business geeks can also grab the book if you are looking for something new and exciting.

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Strawberry Krishna Rating – 4.8 / 5