Our Pick Up Line : Enlighten the Young Minds

The book begins by asking some basic questions about Mahabharata. Then it provides interesting facts about Mahabharata to capture the young mind’s attention. It is a great book for children and teenagers of age group – 11 and above. It teaches about the importance of duties and responsibilities in one’s life. It gives a deep insight about Hindu mythology and gives a great understanding about various types of yoga. This book is written in a very simple and entertaining manner that conveys the profound spiritual aspects to the young minds.

The interesting points are summed at the end of each chapter to have a quick recap of the points learnt. It is a must read for beginners who are very much curious about this Holy book of wisdom. It answers the various life questions that both young and adults face in their day to day life. Ms. Pai has divided the scenes of Gita into small bite size chapters that engages the readers to keep turning the pages.

Each chapter discusses the questions posed by Arjuna to Krishna and gives us the pearls of the wisdom conveyed by Krishna. Ms. Pai has made the book even more interesting by sharing food for thought details about the historic period and the yogic life style by discussing them at the end of every chapter. She has also explained shlokas through which Gita is intended to be reached to the humanity. Thus, this book is a great start for all the young minds to inculcate spiritual wisdom in their life.

Ahaaa Moment!!! : Good luck finding the Krishna inside you- it wont be easy, but they say He is totally worth it

Strawberry Krishna Rating – 4.5 / 5