Our Pick Up Line : The dire predictions will be proved wrong!

The World is increasingly becoming a better place despite the random but regular apocalyptic setbacks. Humans are genetically engineered to be alert for life or death dangers and that is what is being catered to, by all forms of media and that is the reason nobody believes or hopes that the world is becoming a better place really.

The authors claim that yet to invent technologies will be solving the enormous problems of food, water and energy scarcity, education and health care issues, disease eradication, air and water pollution, global warming, the environmental and climate crisis. They invest much store in the advent of the mobile phone in solving the communication scarcity and the smartphones with apps solving the plethora of lifestyle issues. They do overlook or make light reference in passing, about the technologies being far off and forever in development or technology becoming a scourge in the hands of terrorists and despots.

Despite all the questions, the book fervently argues in favour of technology as a panacea for solving all the ills of the earth. Even the most pessimistic cynics and naysayers will be optimistic after reading this book. It’s not rhetoric but hard data the book relies on.  No wonder it’s one of the top favourite books of Bill Gates for 2018. It’s a hard-hitting book not merely aimed at making you feel good, but with scientific data and arguments to back up the heartening idea that the world is indeed progressively becoming a better place. This book is a real gem of an investment.  A trendsetter and a trailblazing way of looking at life that makes us look beyond the massive mess of negative media frenzy.

Ahaaa Moment!!! : Cost of food has dropped thirteen fold, energy twenty fold, transportation a hundred fold and life expectancy doubled in the last century!

Strawberry Krishna Rating – 4.3 / 5