Our Pick Up Line : The Real King of Good Times

Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group, is all about not doing business as usual or on the corollary, he is about doing business as adventure. Perhaps now it has become a trend to flaunt the ‘S’ word or the ‘F’ word in the title itself to call attention to the passion of the author and readers have evolved to not notice it differently any more. Otherwise the book is a racy autobiography, mixing personal life and business life in equal measure. It’s no surprise as the world already knows that for Richard business is personal and personal is business.

He chronicles the growth of his business as his skills and passions grew alongside. From the days he had to hassle the people around him to start and succeed in his music records business to how he is constantly globe trotting to hassle the leaders of the world around these days. No doubt it becomes evident from the beginning that he is a born optimist of the highest order and an incorrigible, effusive motivator of people apart from being the Messiah of new glamorous business concepts. He also inevitably chronicles the series of personal adventures he undertook at great personal risk of life to promote his ideals and ways of doing business.

The book is the medium through which Richard talks to his audience and hence the book reads as a one way conversation. Trust Richard to be anything but pedagogic. He also reveals his adventurous love life as he breathlessly narrates how he courted a married woman and persuaded her to marry him instead. He is perfectly successful in capturing the spirit of his rollercoaster thriller of a life in the book and the book races itself to the finish. A joyful ride of a book perhaps of the Virgin flight experience variety to be enjoyed.

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Strawberry Krishna Rating – 4.2 / 5