The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

If questions are inevitable in life, why to struggle with small questions, why not grapple with questions the size of the Universe, a minimum of a few hundred billion light years across on last count and still counting? Why walking across the street and reaching the park in the next roundabout needs to be a dream for the day? Why not jaunt a five hundred thousand light years and relax at the edge of your galaxy? This is the type of thinking this book triggered and a cult of cosmic science fiction got created, but who knew that there are people who believe and put all their billions in the stakes to make it real also?! Space travel, viable electric cars, tunneling and skynet were considered to be fictional just a few years back but now electric cars are the most coveted and the other fictions are becoming true! Thanks to the Elon Musks, Bezos and Bransons!

Only two humans incidentally escape the demolition of Earth and become part of a bunch of aliens who had been grappling to find the answer to the ultimate question but they decide that the ultimate question itself is to be found out first and set up a 7.5 million year long experiment with a computer to decide the question and that particular computer turned out to be Earth which also got demolished by a skyway construction gang just minutes before it was to give the question!

And the question is thus lost forever?! This started as a BBC radio comedy then manifested as records, books , tv series, comics and a movie!Poetry is the ‘ first light-giver’ to the first great works of science, history and even law! Well, the bill fits perfectly for this fiction which has served the same purpose! Reading the book is not a problem, start the first line it will take you to the last, all along taking your breath away by inducing an altered state of consciousness!