Our Pick Up Line : Lessons From The Godfather of Management

Peter Drucker is the guru of modern management and this book by him is a classic in management. The last edition was published in 2004, but the book is more relevant today and in future than it ever was. Because, Drucker has not written about what to look at , but how to look at the world of management, which will remain as a set of tools for management leaders for a long time.

The book is written not only for leaders but for the common man also, the writing style is like a gripping thriller set in the business world.  He brings out the incredible mysteries behind the obvious commissions and omissions of world leaders that defied the common man’s imagination and logic. He helps us connect the dots in the real business world and understand why certain outrageous decisions are taken. For example, you will be able to comprehend the reason behind the steadfast refusal of the Reagan administration, USA, to devalue dollar despite the grave loss of the automobile industry to the benefit of the Japanese. This book is gripping, the language is lucid and brilliantly serves the appetite of even the normal readers of business and management.

Ahaaa Moment!!! : Unfolding the Mysteries

Strawberry Krishna Rating – 4/5