Our Pick Up Line : Politics Then and Now

Politics runs on cunning, betrayal and revenge. Hatred, ganging up and conspiracy are vital ingredients. Uncouth autocrats indulge in mindless destruction and get destroyed in return. This is not only the politics of today, it has been for ever, and 2500 years ago as in Chanakya’s time. It is human nature in play and humans never change, only their tools change.

Chanakya’s chant is a text book of compare and contrast between the politics of contemporary and ancient times. No wonder it runs similar all through. Ashwin Sanghi has done a scholarly work but made it appealing to even to the common readers. The aim of the work surely appears to be educating the masses in politics, as is essential to live in a democracy, and the author has done it successfully.

The work is interesting, educational and entertaining. Don’t miss it. The time spent in reading it is a good investment in life and the understanding of the political forces, because you may not be in search of politics but politics is in search of you and will find you. Be prepared for the power play.

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Strawberry Krishna Rating – 4/5