Our Pick Up Line : Know Your Republic

This book is an advanced course of insights by experts with life time experience in the middle of the state action. Beginning with the purpose of government (enforcement of desirable standards in as many aspects of life as possible by a state) and why they fail to achieve good governance (people expect political actors to be angels and in India the system has been created with such a romantic view of political animals) the book marches on to give required reforms and policies to bring in optimal governance in as many sectors as conceivable.

It’s an ultimate thought process in display. It must be considered the good luck of the reader that such a book has been made possible by fortunate circumstances. The language is simple but professorial, the style being a well-knit presentation in a government seminar. Not a word has been wasted and the entire book has been chiselled with precision and giving value for the time spent.

Though the authors have tried to liven up the narration with occasional anecdotes and stories, the choice seems to be dry, as the story of Mao and sparrows. The subtitle of the book calls itself as the art and science of economic policy, but it’s all about the general public policy too, both being indistinguishable.

As Shekhar Gupta so excitedly pointed out in the release function in the presence of Dr.Manmohan Singh, we have to be very much lucky that such a book has been written in such a time as ours and it should never be missed by all readers to educate themselves of public interest and government by the best possible professional experts.

Ahaaa Moment!!! : The objective of reform is not to hire saints but to achieve outcomes even when each actor is self-interested.

Strawberry Krishna Rating – 4 / 5