Our Pick Up Line : Journey of a Movie Star to a Political Queen of India

One word to describe the journey of  Amma  Jayalalitha  would be  ‘incredible’. She is a lady who redefined the role of women in   Indian politics. Despite being a woman in a male dominated society especially in politics of Tamil Nadu she emerged   victorious by  overcoming all the obstacles and hurdles like a roaring lioness.

She has been a winner all her life from her academic prowess in school to movie star to a political queen. She was even a potential candidate to be a prime minister of India. She is a charismatic woman and a great leader  . She was so magnetic that the people of Tamil Nadu became emotionally attached to her   and  called her Amma which means mother in the language of Tamil. The book   describes her marvellous journey  which was not  an easy one. It inspires women from all walks of life to take on their challenges bravely.

Ahaaa Moment!!! : The ups and downs of a woman power

Strawberry Krishna Rating – 3.6/5