Our Pick Up Line : A True Inspiration

Do you have 101 keys to your house? I guess most of us will say NO. But, Robin Sharma will give 101 keys to open the doors of your life. The book gives 101 tips to lead you to the path of greatness. It gives 101 ways to improve both your personal and professional life. It could be one of your life changing books as the book shares profound way of living in bite size chapters. It will teach you to look at life from a completely different angle.

The author Robin Sharma who has written many self improvement books has a great knack of presenting complex aspects with a pragmatic approach.When I opened the book I expected nothing but it turned out to be something. One of my favorite chapters from the book is “The person who experiences most wins”

Ahaaa Moment!!! : Focus + Consistency + Time = Genius

Strawberry Krishna Rating – 3.9 / 5