Narendra Modi: The man, the Times

Narendra Modi is made of four parts, his early formative life with RSS, his life as a wandering ascetic during which he travelled the length and breadth of the country understanding the cultures, his life as the organization secretary of BJP, during which he spearheaded the Rath yathra of Advani, the Ekta yatra of Murli Manohar Joshi and took care of the activities of the BJP headquarters in Delhi and then his 12 yearlong stint as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Each part of his life has contributed to his growth as a disciplined hard worker and a detached but authoritative leader with a spiritual side, as he has become known. Modi’s growth has been mostly due to his nature of asking questions about the purpose of life and his quest for answers by observation of  actual life and learning from it. The book brings out this aspect of Modi through the well researched chapters, including the detailed interviews with Modi himself for the very purpose of writing his biography, as claimed by the author. If one has the quest to understand and learn from the development of the type of leader that Modi is, this book definitely serves the purpose well.