It’s not a secret that the whole of humanity, if not all creatures, crave a happy life and achieve exactly the opposite. Happiness becomes a mirage being chased lifelong and never manage to reach it. They do achieve material success by acquiring all sorts of knickknacks but fail to understand that there is no link between materials and happiness, rather material success becomes a source of stress, tension and anxiety.
The concept of flow is at least as ancient as Tao but no one bothered to look for the missing link. In their hurry for being one up on the next person, they ran the rat race on a treadmill, running all life but reaching nowhere. This monumental book on flow, is a thorough treatise on the source of the deepest and eternal happiness, the ironical and heart warming surprise being that it has been with you all along. Writing more about the book may betray the secrets and you need to grab your copy now and get to know the secrets.