Our Pick Up Line : Aummmmm........

Do you want to delve into the wisdom of ancient Indian texts? Ancient India is known for its spiritual wisdom because of its continuous seekers of the truth. Vedas and Upanishads are the ancient texts that were used to transfer this knowledge gained by the seekers through traditional methods. All these days this wisdom was accessible only to a few. But with authors like Roopa Pai each and every one of us can immerse in this profound knowledge. Roopa Pai has deciphered this complex text into a modern day guide to humanity’s wellbeing especially for children. Her book has many important mantras translated in English with easy to understand explanation. And the short stories of Upanishads are enlightening in the lightest way possible. As usual the book comes with great illustrations that just grabs our attention to know more about what’s written.

Ahaaa Moment!!! : Zero Equals Infinity???

Strawberry Krishna Rating – 4.5/5