Our Pick Up Line : Journey of Medicine

Any field of human interest will certainly have an enormous amount of past. Medicine is one such field. It has played an indomitable role in transforming the life of humanity. Roopa Pai has enchantingly captured this past and portrayed it in her usual lively style. It’s full of interesting titbits, some of them surprising too like a picture of Dhanvantri, Hindu God of Medicine, holding a leech in one hand.

This book seeks to cover the historic aspects of the development of medical sciences, from ancient times and predicting the future scenario. The style is racy and gripping to read but the flow is slightly drifted by the occasional hmm, haa etc. The attention to present scenario of medicine is minimal and the future of medicine mentioned in the book is in the science fiction stage.

However, the minor omits do not diminish the value of the book in anyway. The book lives up to the promises. It’s a treasure of reading pleasure and not to be missed at any cost. A great treat for anyone who wants to delve into the path travelled by the field of medicine.

Ahaaa Moment!!! : A European Cloth Merchant from 17th Century Discovered Microorganisms!!!

Strawberry Krishna Rating – 4/5