http://Brilliant by Shobitha

A well organized book with certain fundamental life qualities essential for success.


Shobitha Thevar displays good grasp of the subject she has taken up and has researched well the thoughts on the subject and chosen the most relevant and important points for her book which is a blessing for the readers who have to sift through voluminous material before locating the most effective.


The book is concise and easily readable like the coffee table books for ease of use and display.


It’s a precious reference especially for teenagers and young adults who are at the beginning of their independent life.

The thoughts which can carry them through life are given in a ready to use format.


The book is designed well with the theme of brightness or brilliance as the book is about, with a motif of the star ⭐ to give the message of the readers becoming stars if the principles are followed.

In short and summary, this book is a timely resource and a worthy investment.